Potential Revenue

In 2015, 2 million euros was raised for clubs and charities around the country. The amount of money that can be raised obviously depends on the size of your club and the work you put in prior to the event.

White Collar Fundraiser Potential Revenue - Before the Night
Main Sponsor
The club can ask a local business to be the Main Event Sponsor, this would usually cost between €1000 – €2000 but again, this is entirely up to the club.
Contestant Sponsors
8 Event Sponsors €250
Money Raised By Contestants €250 each – Each contestant can raise money by getting sponsors and advertisers to advertise in the souvenir booklet. Adverts are usually priced at €60 for a half page or €100 for a full page (this price can be changed by the club).
500 Ticket’s Sold €20.

It is always best to sell as many tickets as possible prior to the event than hoping people will turn up and buy tickets at the door. Tickets for this type of event would generally cost around €20.00

25 Adverts in Booklet €100
White Collar Fundraiser Potential Revenue - On the Night
Raffle on the night
Set up a Raffle Tickets Desk and Prize Display on entry to the room. Prizes can be raffled in between heats or at the end.
Betting on the Night
Once we have our Last 16 we will sell Betting Tickets throughout the interval on the Potential Winner. Back Your Friends and Family or take a Lucky Dip 1-16. Bets are €5 each and the winner will receive a Payout

Total White Collar Fundraiser Potential REVENUE – €26,000

* You can increase the Revenue substantially if Contestant’s Raise over the Target or if you sell more tickets.
** Fundraising Events Package Cost to be deducted from Event Revenue

This is the hassle free and risk free way of fundraising for 2015 – call us on 01-8343300 for further details, or alternatively email: info@fundraisingevents.ie